Amanda Rakel (born Amanda Rakel Chidekel) is a singer-songwriter from Denmark with a flair for pop-edm. Since starting her career in 2015, Amanda has morphed into a pop-edm artist with a flair for coupling vulnerable and honest lyrics with mainstream productions. 


Amanda identifies as a cultural mess. She was born December 18th 1991 in Rüsselsheim, Germany, to a Danish mother and Swedish father. In February 1995 the family moved to Switzerland, where Amanda grew up and attended an international school. 

Amanda's family has always been very musical, with her mum singing nursery rhymes to her and her two siblings and playing artists such as Queen, Bryan Adams, Phil Collins and ABBA to them. Amanda and her two siblings were all accepted into the school choir and were part of the extensive music program at the school. While in the program, Amanda managed to break one cello and two guitars, thus never thought of a career in music. Despite her butter fingers, her love for music remained. 


Since graduating high school in 2010, Amanda has lived in London, New York and Copenhagen. Between living in New York and Copenhagen, Amanda revealed her songs to family and friends, which she had kept secret. Since she was small, Amanda has been passionate about writing, keeping countless journals throughout the years. She always thought she would enter journalism but that would all change. 

In 2011 Amanda was hospitalised for depression. While in the clinic, she wrote poems and it didn't take long for melodies to form in her mind. In the summer of 2015 Amanda moved to Copenhagen, releasing her very first track, Sweet Tongues, which was featured on DR's Karriere Kanonen.  In November of that year she also started working with her music coach, Mette Damm. 




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